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Compagnon d’Art stands for

Compagnon d’Art is a travelling companion within the arts sector. Whether an artist, an organisation or individual: Compagnon d’Art will accompany you on your journey. In dialogue from the start, by defining your destination. In dialogue along the way, based on the realisation that travelling leads to new discoveries. In dialogue afterwards, in learning from the route and working on new ideas.


This dialogue can take very different forms:


Artist support

Compagnon d’Art supports artists during specific projects or for longer periods of time. From the completion of application forms to translating the language of art into texts for exhibitions, publications and websites, or providing a substantive sounding board during the creative process.


Collaboration with cultural partners

Compagnon d’Art helps art centres, museums, galleries, collectives and other organisations to conceive and realise exhibitions, write visitor texts or provide introductions.


Connecting art, artists and audiences

Compagnon d’Art helps individuals navigate the arts sector. This can be done through courses or lectures, arranging studio visits, helping to put together a cultural programme or giving a guided tour of an exhibition.

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