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Your Compagnon d’Art, Els Vermeersch, has walked an interesting road, just like her travelling companions.


As the driving force behind the De Poort Arts Centre in Zonnebeke, she has travelled alongside many contemporary artists, observed their quest for answers and helped share the results with an audience.


At different training organisations, she participated in her clients’ voyages of discovery. How does the general public view art? What are their expectations? What do they gain from art and how does it help them grow?


In Mu.ZEE, the art museum by the sea, Vermeersch immersed herself in the questions, dreams and goals of an organisation. How do you approach a collection? How do you exhibit art? What choices do you make? How do you convince a broad range of partners to participate in your story?


Today, Els Vermeersch is active as a Compagnon d’Art, a vocation that makes full use of her multiple perspectives and wealth of experience. As a Compagnon, she has long-standing relationships with artists, organisations and individuals and is actively involved in the contemporary arts sector.


In addition to Compagnon d’Art, Els Vermeersch also works for and with wit.h: a social-artistic arts centre that challenges and assists artists with a cognitive disability to grow. She too is challenged: wit.h disrupts conventional ideas about art and artists and has its own unique take on these concepts.


A lot of routes, a lot of people, a lot of organisations. One constant: art.

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